Help Your Organization Improve Safety Performance with the DuPont Online Safety Perception Survey

Managing Operational Risk

Managing Operational Risk photo For an organization to sustain and achieve its objective of generating revenue and delivering value, it must protect the people, assets and environment that are part of its operations. Operational risk management seeks to prevent loss by identifying, evaluating and controlling hazards and differentially managing associated risks.

The new DuPont Online Safety Perception Surveys features:

  • Survey questions customized to your organization
  • Safety Culture Score for your company, locations and industry plotted on the DuPont Bradley Curve. Benchmark your performance with industry average and benchmark best.
  • NEW - Enhanced reporting views accessible through an online portal, available to you and to anyone else to whom you grant permission
  • Survey build, deployment and analysis managed by DSS with client input

Benchmark your performance on the DuPont Bradley Curve

Using the DuPont Bradley Curve™, DSS consultants help our clients in diverse industries and countries to understand the development of an effective safety culture, from its earliest stages to a mature state.

Get Real-Time Data At Your Fingertips

The DuPont Online Safety Perception Survey puts you in control of the data within your organization. You will receive customized reports and presentations that provide a summary of the alignment of your organization. Contact Us today!

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